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This game has potential! I LOVED IT!

Here is my gameplay/review hopefully you like it.

P.S. My score is 3200, lets see who can beat me.

Thankyou for the review my man!

After watching your video I am going to start working on an update.

Perhaps an enemy cap so it is not so overwhelming  and the addition of many more powerups!

Thankyou again for your kind words shrekster5000!

No problem bro, we are all in this together.  We have to help each other in whatever means necessary. Let me know when you want me to try out the updated version! YEET!

Hey man this was a really good game with some serious potential, I did realize the more monsters spawn the slower the frame rate. Almost like it cant keep up. If you turned this into wave game where the monsters just dont outpopulate the map. Take it from really good to great. Idk i had alot of fun with it and the textures and work you put in are awesome graphically. Great job man

Thankyou so much brother. Really means a lot to me, especially that you took the time to review the game :D

There was definitely a major bug there when the enemies no longer gave chase. I am going to address that and hopefully add that wave system! Also I didn't expect anyone to last that long, I'll have to make some tweaks and add more power ups to handle those swarms.

Thankyou again!